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Art conversation #5

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui  Exhibition: Seeds of Contemplation, Biola University, La Mirada, CA; Poetics of Relation, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; LAND, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA; and PaperWorks Refolded, Brea Gallery, City of Brea, CA Media:  Printmaking, General art, Ceramic  Website: Instagram: Art Conversation #5: Rebirth Have you heard the saying “DoContinue reading “Art conversation #5”

Artist conversations #4

Artist: Masha Soroudi Exhibition: Interview  Media: Flowers, realism  Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Gatov Gallery West Website: Instagram:mahsasoroudi                     Coronavirus my Succulent  “Fighting for life” is the best way to tell the personality and lifestyle of Masha Soroudi. She was born 1981, in Tahren, Iran. She will be turning 39Continue reading “Artist conversations #4”

“Your Realism is getting in the way of My Romanticism”

“When I was the size of a dime, I didn’t know there would be a crime. The cries, the hugs, the fear was there, the love of the light was what changed it all. I was born, with a thorn in my back! This thorn in the back would never let me look back, asContinue reading ““Your Realism is getting in the way of My Romanticism””